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 How To Believe In Your Own High Price Tag & Command It - Exactly What To Do At The Point Of Sale

Mr. Move it! (Masara Dziruni) - Virtual Coach 

The Free SALES GYM! Practice Session will reveal for you:

  • How to get your customers wanting to happily buy from you  at your own high price tag and finally stop short changing yourself
  • How to sell your products and services naturally and have fun whilst doing it without feeling scared and awkward, selling yourself too cheap or dealing with lots of rejection
  • How to come away from the overwhelm of taking notes, listening to recordings or webinars and consuming more information without having a breakthrough transformation
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Does what I coach actually work?
Hear what Mr. Move it!'s coachees are saying!

Mr. Moveit is the man with wisdom & strategies to get you from your stuck place to your up place. His wisdom & knowledge along with strategies & systems can take any female to the next dimension in their entrepreneurial lifestyle!
-Juanita (USA)

Masara is very positive, very communicative and easy to talk too, very funny. We had a conversation like we know each other for all our lives. I felt safe talking with him. I would encourage you if you need any help he is extremely open to help you and his wisdom and knowledge will blow your mind.
-Gabriela (Czech Republic)

Hello, all female entrepreneurs out there, I just got of a call with Mr. Move it! he is a sweet person, and we had an amazing talk. I really love his movement and his energy is really great. I can really recommend to all of you to have a little chat with him…don’t hesitate to get in touch with him. It will be great!
-Jana (Spain)

 My name is Mary. I am giving a shout out to Mr. Move it! He was able to direct me, encourage me and gave me a little bit more clarity on identifying who my who is. I really appreciate him and wanted to give him a shout out. I am wishing all the people that will work with him a lot of luck because he has the ability to be kind, give you clarity and be truthful. Thank you Mr. Move it I just appreciate you.
-Mary (USA)

Masara is one of the guys that helped me when I had some problems with my online business. I am a female entrepreneur and he found me online and promised to help. We hooked up and I decided to give him a try. As females there are not to many people that we can trust online. We spoke and he made the conversation very comfortable, he was very knowledgeable of what we were talking about, he showed me what I needed to succeed with my online business. Female entrepreneurs get in touch with him…
-Kharil  (USA)

Four days ago I started my journey together with Masara and his coaching and it is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made….
-Claudia (Austria)

Mr. Move it! has created an opportunity for you to practice your sales skills in a Sales Gym so that you can create more revenue with ease. Book him now! Thank me later!
-Rhonda (USA)


If you are looking for someone who is going to be there consistently supporting you, who is going to have the tools to be able to help you to move your business forward, then I would recommend him because they are very few people who are as genuine and he will keep you on your toes trust me he will. Go ahead get in touch with him and I wish you every success.
-Sharon Marie (United Kingdom)

We only talked a few days ago and I’m already noticing a huge shift in just my energy... I was trying to just transform my business from a coaching practice to an actual business. And I’m already seeing results….I highly recommend working with him.
-Karen (United Kingdom)

There is no wealth like knowledge and there is no poverty like ignorance….this morning I had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Move it! from the legendary city of Graz…the birthplace of Arnold Schwarzenegger … Mr. Move it! he shared a lot of valuable things with me and he enriched my life…
-Natalia (USA)


….I’d like to say thank you to Mr. Move it! he stayed up all night just to help me Louise from Australia… to help me get the understanding of where I need to go next to get people to come to my coaching…he is so delightful to talk to, he is so easy and he just makes it so simple…
-Louise (Australia)

My overall experience was absolutely pleasant I felt so inspired walking away from our conversation. ….I would recommend him to just about anyone, especially women who are in a place in their life where they are trying to figure out what is the best next step. This was the most significant to me...
-Crystal (USA)

I had a one hour session with Masara, I just want to say I was blown away. It was the best one hour coaching I’ve ever had… I think if you are a woman who is serious about changing your life about making a difference out there contact this guy. He has got something in him that is just gonna change your life…I was able to have a clear direction of what I wanted to do…he is someone who is serious and very professional…
-Priscilla (United Kingdom)

…just recently I met Mr. Move it! the M!ovetivation hero. I just want to recommend him to anyone who’s looking to get inspired and get a little bit of a move in their life a bit of motivation. We just had a power hour together free online session and I am so grateful, really I am…. if you need some coaching from anyone I would go for this man. Hehehe he is cool.
-Cheryl (Malta)

So, I had an amazing session with Masara. I think we underestimate the value a life coach can have on your life. I think some key highlights are having him actively listen and really playback those nuggets and really challenge you on what is important makes you make that shift. I would highly recommend his services for anyone who is really serious about making a change.
-Marilyn (South Africa)

Dear Masara, I just want to say a few words to you in gratitude for the always constructive but also humorous advice that you have given me in these first months of building my new business Cell Song.
I have wondered into a completely new landscape of doing virtual coaching as an online business. Climbing Himalaya could have hardly given me a steeper learning curve….I call myself an educoachapist…helping people cope with their deepest fears or situations in life can in my opinion can never be a mass market thing…You Masara have helped me to find my specialty and see who I am and who I have to be.

Anne-Grete (Norway)

… I connected with Masara through a group that we are a part of online…his energy is contagious, he is so inspirational and his concept of M!ovetivation to move people to be self-motivated is so important and so needed in this world. He is just a vibrant personality that is uplifting and inspiring… I would recommend connecting with him, if you feel like you are someone who needs some movement in your life but you do not know how to self-source that inner motivation to get you moving…
-Brennan (Vietnam)

I had a call with coach Masara Dziruni today. He creates a safe space and instantly makes rapport with his clients. He has a optimistic friendly energy. He understood my issues well and gave useful tips and advice. He inspired me to take some great actions. Thank you!
-Shaheeda (UAE)

I e-met Mr. Masara alias Mr. Move It! in a FB group, then had a 30mins or so conversation on Zoom. His passion for excellence and progress can be felt almost immediately. He is very knowledgeable and generous with his gift. One nugget that I picked up in our conversation is "the opposite of light is not darkness, but rather the absence of light". It is no doubt that he is a great coach. Therefore I recommend him for people seeking to develop business skills.
-Fule Chi B. (Canada)

Mr.Move it! just comes from a really heart felt place. I thought he was going to be like very tough and all. I get the sense that he really wants results. So, he wants you to do the work that it takes but he has such a heartfelt way of going about it. And talking to him I felt really seen and really really heard and energized and very positive by the time I was done talking to him. I have joined the SALES GYM! and I am excited to go through that. If you are thinking of talking to Mr. Move it!, about working with Mr. Move it, yeah go for that because he is just a wonderful person.
-Aly (USA)